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Reiki Session Offerings:

  • 60-minute session - $111


*Distant Healing Reiki

  • $60

Package Discounts:

  • 3 Session Package (60 minutes each) - $266

  • 5 Session Package (60 minutes each) - $444

  • 10 Session Package (60 minutes each) - $888

Other Discounts:

  • Senior & Student - 10% discount

A 60-minute session includes 60 full minutes of Reiki plus discussion time both before and after the session. Plan on ~90 minutes for the entire duration of your appointment.

*Distant Healing Reiki can be sent to any person, place or thing either in real time, or to the past or future.  This is called Distant Reiki Healing or Absentee/Remote Healing.  To request distant healing for yourself or for someone else, I will simply need a first name, last name initial, your location at the time of receiving (city, state) and what specific issue you would like to receive Distant Reiki Healing for. 

While I am sending you distant Reiki I ask that you sit or lie in a comfortable position in a state of relaxation to best feel the energies coming in.  Following the session I will do a phone consultation with you to discuss your experience, as well as to share any experiences or intuitive thoughts or feelings that I may have picked up while channeling the energy to you.

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