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The most thorough, up-to-date crystals, gems, and healing stones charts available anywhere. Color-coded for each stone color, with complete info. on CHAKRAS, mental, emotional and spiritual uses, toxicity for each stone, and much more. A 2-part comprehensive A to Z Master guide to the top 110+ Gems & healing stones and all their ancient and modern healing uses.

(Chart #1= Part 1: A thru L. Chart #2 = Part 2: L thru Z). Easy to read, with a bright Rainbow across them! All you'll ever need or want in a gems and healing stones chart! CHART #1 also has an inner chart illustrating stones correlating with the CHAKRAS, and with Communication, Intuition, Spiritual connection, Prosperity, Mental Clarity, passion, etc. CHART #2 has a special small chart within it listing special uses of certain stones, including for: Decreasing Addictions & cravings, Better Communication, Prosperity, Protection, Love, Healing, etc.

Chart: Chart 1 of 2 - Crystals, Gems & Healing Stones

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