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A comprehensive, colorful A-to-Z guide in two parts, to over 140+ of the top therapeutic and pleasure uses of essential oils and your favorite aromas. (Chart #1= Part 1: A thru H. Chart #2 = Part 2: H-Z). Everything you will ever want, listed by problem/ purpose/ remedy for everything from to professional uses for Massage and immunity/cold remedies to pleasure, including ancient and modern uses for: #1) MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL uses: Wake-up/Stimulants, Soothing, Anti-Depressants, Sensuality, Sexuality, reducing Stress and Anxiety, healing Headaches, Loss/Grief, stimulating Dreams, as Perfume, and many more! 

ALSO: #2) For PHYSICAL and MEDICAL uses: For Massage, body Warming and Cooling, Anti-Cramps, healing Bruises, clearing the Sinuses, Air Disinfectant, counter-top + hands Germ-Killing, Cough expectorants, body Detox, Flea Repellents, Headaches, Tooth aches & Teething, etc. etc. Includes how to use in the bath, in massage lotions, in the air (as scent/diffuser), in your shampoos, etc. and the few essential oils that can be used diluted. For Professional & personal use.

Chart: 2 of 2 Aromatherapy & Essential Oils by Remedies

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